Embracing out-of-the-box best practices based on ITIL is a very common request by IT organisations; however, behaviours suggest that most best practices are homegrown. Gartner research shows that, even when provided with out-of-the-box templates and best practices, most IT organisations will allocate months to “tailor” them to their organisations’ unique needs. Even the IT organisation with very mature processes, roles and responsibilities has its own categorisation, workflows, escalations and SLAs that must be configured into a new tool before it can be placed into production. In many cases, the tweaks to best-practice process guidance can actually result in slowing the advancement of process maturity, because IT organisations might use out-of-the-box templates and skip an assessment to understand current state, future state and the development of high-level functional requirements.

Our consultants use a proven methodology to identify any gaps between your business requirements and the BMC ITSM suite. These can be accomplished by several methods but the goals are most effectively reached by running a series of process, requirement and data gathering workshops to cover all areas of ITSM that you are interested in implementing with the intention being to ensure quicker implementations and to have faster realisation of business goals.